1. Get your domestic help’s antecedents verified.
2. Give his/her photograph as well as address to the nearest Police Station for verification.
3. Get his/her background verified from previous employer.
4. Avoid giving access to his relatives and friends.
5. Avoid displaying jewellery and valuables in the house.
6. Fix grills on windows and glass paneled doors.
7. Don’t allow any stranger to enter your house, when you are alone without finding out his identity.
8. Beware of persons coming to your house under the pretext of repairing/selling.
9. Keep side doors pad locked and main door bolted. Use slam-shut locks instead of pad locks. Install magic eye and safety chains on doors.
10. Look through the magic eye and ensure the door chain is secure before opening the door to a stranger.
11. Leave a light switched on when you go out of town. Inform your neighbors about your absence from your home for a long or short period.
12. Mark valuables with an identification number like your Ration Card, Passport
13. Install an alarm system and learn how to use it. Monitor your alarm system and arrange for guard response. Stow away ladders and stools.
14. Don’t keep huge amount of cash and ornaments in the house. Use bank lockers.
15. Don’t sleep near an open window during the night.
16. Don’t disturb the scene, if you notice theft in your house, wait for the arrival of police otherwise it will lead to tampering of evidence like fingerprints, footprints etc.
17. Don’t wear heavy ornaments while traveling alone.
18. Don’t open your bag-containing valuable like cash and ornaments, while traveling in public places.
19. Don’t go alone with cash and jewellery during the nighttime.
20. Do not record a message on answering machine telling people you are on holiday or away.